Monday, December 20, 2004


  • A thong? A revealing negligee? No, ladies the sexy clothing item this season is a municipal permit.

  • Hey, you could be like this woman* -- get a rat for Christmas.

  • Spaniards aren't getting enough sleep. Bill Clinton is to blame.

  • I think I've mentioned before that I spend most of my day monitoring air traffic at MSP International Airport, thanks to the enormous window from which I peer at the headquarters of my benevolent employer (did that sentence even make sense?). Today, for reasons unknown by me, I watched departing traffic, rather than arriving. They do this from time to time -- I think the air traffic controllers just like a bit of variety, so they'll have the planes come at the runway from the other side.
    Apparently they also moved the airport about a mile, because once they reached my field of vision the planes seemed to be much higher in the air than is usually the case.

  • All day I've been trying to work into conversation that line from Milo's "Destroy Rock and Roll": "the judgment of the sacred fire before the throne of Almighty God."
    As in: "Give me a beer or face the judgment of the sacred fire before the throne of Almighty God."

  • Here in God's frozen chosen land of Minnesota, where we could use a bit of that sacred fire, we have had since the days of Rev 105 a serious dearth of quality music on the radio. We have an all-powerful classic rock station that is (by definition) playing the exact same music today as it was when I was in high school. We have a "rock" station that plays grunge and saccharine nu-metal that is bare minimum four years old (look for Lost Prophets to become big on 93.7 sometime in 2007). We have a pop station that defines "new music" as something released in the last two years. We have a "music jams" station that appears to play the same song 24 hours a day, broken up by really loud promos. We have a country music station that's still playing that Toby Keith song (each breath that man takes is another stroke on Nero's fiddle). We have a shocking saturation of Christian music stations. And we have two "alternative" radio stations for people whose souls died sometime in the early 90s. One of them appears to play the Violent Femmes' "Blister in the Sun" every day. So the news that we might get a station that doesn't suck is being met with extreme skepticism and desperate hope.
    Although, admittedly, that station faces an uphill battle. Most of the people in this region who have any sense of music gave up on local radio years ago -- flocking to the Internet.

    *That woman is not my wife, despite sharing the same name.

    Anonymous said...

    Airports have planes land and takeoff into the wind, so that they can get away with lower groundspeed.

    Chris Cope said...

    Aha. Brilliant, Anon.

    Crystal said...

    it's ridiculous! girls out there showing off their permits. pouring hot wax over their permit to make molds to give to men who just want to caress the permit. in mexico, i hear there is a lady who can pick up and fold a twenty dollar bill with her permit.

    Chris Cope said...

    And have you seen all these teenage girls these days who walk around with their permits hanging out?! Where are these girls' parents?