Thursday, December 9, 2004

Mark Twain can kiss my ass

  • Short and meaningless post today because I've spent a good 10 hours staring at a computer screen, working on my book. Dude; this book is so good. This is the best book you'll ever read. If I'm wrong, I'll let you buy me candy. I am the next Great American Novelist.

  • Kathy asked if my book is about beer. While a great deal of beer (wine/rum/whisky/vodka) drinking takes place, no, the book is not about beer.
    So what is it about? Good question. I am starting to think about the queries that I will send to agents and I'm actually having a bit of trouble figuring out how to best explain the novel. Usually when I tell people about my book, they just sort of blink at me and I am forced to end the explanation with: "But it's funnier than it sounds."
    When I am not exhausted, I will try to come up with a good explanation.
    The story behind the title, I think I mentioned before, is that the novel was originally supposed to be a collection of stories I tell when I'm at the pub.

  • What is a good neighbor?
    Kylie Minogue.
    We don't actually get Australian soap operas in the United States, so I can't really say that with a lot of authority. I'm just guessing.
    For all the crap that we export to other countries, we hardly ever see any foreign programming in the United States. Twin Cities Public Television airs two episodes of "EastEnders" a week, but they are comically old. In the episode my wife and I watched Friday, England had just beaten Germany in Euro 2000, and Phil helped Frank win back the Vic from Dan. Greetings from 4.5 years ago! The BBC EastEnders episode index doesn't even go back that far.

    Cymreig said...

    Just a point...england lost to Germany in euro 2000!!
    Thank god, not that eastenders would care, just being picky.

    Chris Cope said...

    No, they won against Germany in Euro 2000. It was England's only win in its group and neither team advanced to the quarter finals.

    The 2000 loss to Germany came a few months later, in a World Cup qualifying match. Germany won that one 1-0. My EastEnders episodes have not gotten to that point yet.

    Crystal said...


    no wonder i have had that song stuck in my head all day - "if loving you is wrong..."

    that is a right bitch to get out of your head.