Friday, December 10, 2004

Wastin' ink

I am sitting here listening to the mechanical click-click-click of my old Epson 670 as it prints out my book for the second time today. My wife is presently reading one edition. The edition currently being printed will be sent off to the U.S. Copyright Office. It's not that I am so paranoid as to think that "They're all out to get me! They're going to steal my work!" but I doubt it hurts to have proof that I am the first one to have come up with my utterly brilliant idea for a novel.

Friday or Saturday I will begin sending out queries to literary agents. As such, most of my day today was spent writing a query letter and synopsis of my novel. Here's what I say about my book (not the synopsis, because that would give it away):

"Drinking Stories" is a mainstream/humor novel of about 60,000 words. It is a fast-paced and absurd novel about an American student who is forced to redefine his life while attending university in one of England's least appealing cities. Like the stories shared over a few beers, it is a story of heartache, heavy drinking, physical injury, and misadventure.

(The novel) centers on Benjamin Stout, a 21-year-old politics student who has moved to England to be closer to his girlfriend, Allison, while she attends university in France. But when Allison admits to sleeping with another man "forty or fifty times," Ben is forced to redefine himself and the meaning of his life. Like any right-thinking American male, he goes about this process by drinking heavily and chasing a naked lunatic into the English Channel. Following a near-death experience in which his main point of concern is that he will never again see a monster truck show, Ben stumbles upon a rather simple meaning of life. That meaning is confirmed after he wakes up in another country next to a homeless Thomas Jefferson look-alike.

What do you think? Would you be interested in reading that? If you wouldn't, why not?

As soon as I start receiving rejections from agents I'll keep a running tally in my "About Me" section of the blog. It will say something like: "I am the author of 'Drinking Stories,' a novel that has so far been rejected by XX literary agents."


Greg said...

Sounds a "little" over the top to me.

I mean seriously, he goes to England to be closer to his girlfriend in France? That's just plain silly.

Chris Cope said...

**Eyes go all shifty**Heh, heh. Boy, you sure are right Greg. That is a stretch. Who would be so stupid as to chase some girl all the way to Europe?
**Nervous laughter**I mean, me, personally, I went to Portsmouth because I'm a Royal Navy buff...
**More nervous laughter; Runs away**

Jenny said...

We were always taught at art school that a cheap'n'legally valid way of proving intellectual copyright is to mail a copy of your work to yourself. The sealed envelope with a dated postal stamp should be proof that you came up with your book idea first.

Having said this, I had my designs ripped off several times by a large multinational corporation* so I'm not the best person to give copyright advice.

Forget I said anything.

*It was actually quite flattering in many ways.

Linus said...

Speaking as someone who followed a girl to Australia, friend Cope, I liked the outline.

I'd read it, in a heartbeat.