Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bar-B-Q, BBC and a Jew

  • Today I was thinking quite a bit about Big Jim's Old South Bar-B-Q, in Encinitas, Calif.
    My wife and I first went there on my Birthday in 2001. We had decided we were going to "drive up the coast," but had only made it to Encinitas by lunchtime. The furthest north we made it on that trip was to San Luis Obispo. I am such an extraordinary waster of time that if no destination is given, the destination achieved will be well short of what anyone else might accomplish. We had set out from San Diego at 9 a.m. and pulled into San Luis Obispo (324 miles away) at about 10 p.m. But I wasn't thinking about the SLO Brewpub today, I was thinking about Big Jim's.
    It was cold and raining that day and Rachel and I were the only ones in the restaurant. The owner, "Big Jim" Wade, came over and thanked us for coming in on such a miserable day and apologized for the fact that his liquor license had not yet been approved. I don't have any specific thoughts about Big Jim's, I was just thinking about it. Good food. Eat there if you ever get the chance.
    That has to be the most pointless story I've ever told on this blog. I think my recent lack of blogging enthusiasm is beginning to show.

  • Ooooh! All-new BBC Radio Player. I told you it would be good -- you can now listen to just about every radio program the BBC offers. They were already doing that, but now there's even more, and you can flip through what's available without having to stop what you are currently listening to. What this all boils down to is that I can finally listen to a Welsh-language radio soap opera. Thank you, Britons, for paying your license fees so I can keep tabs on Rhydeglwys.
    And, unlike the damn 89.3 stream, the BBC doesn't tank.

  • You get the sense that Python Pete is soon to become python lunch?

  • If I were a late-night television writer, I would be all over this story.

  • Meet Afghanistan's only Jew. And what does it say about human nature that until recently he was in a constant feud with Afghanistan's only other Jew?
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