Monday, January 31, 2005

Esther and more linky blogetry

  • I'm feeling very linky today, I'll warn you.
    Esther has suggested to me that when I just link to things, it's blogging of the lowest grade. She would know, as I now have people e-mailing me via my benevolent employer, desperately hoping to learn Esther's true identity. Esther is fast becoming a blog celebrity.
    According to Technorati, Beth of MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy had theorized that Esther is my wife (I can't now find that post on her actual blog -- perhaps because I'm lazy and stupid, perhaps because it's been deleted. The former, most likely). Nope. Here is a picture of me and my wife in Wyoming. Esther is not pictured; she was busy getting sloshed at the game lodge. If you want to see a picture of Esther, your best bet may be to wait until 2006.
    How far is my head up my own ass with this line of discussion? Perhaps it's best if I just stick to linking things.

  • If you are the sort of person who can tolerate the above kind of pompous blogetry about blogging about blogging and you live in the area of St. Paul-Minneapolis (or you're up for a road trip) you can score some free pizza. This documentary is being screened at 5:30 p.m. Feb. 3 at the University of Minnesota St. Paul Campus Theater.
    The press on the event suggests you would want to come to "take part in a discussion on the impact and import of this form of web publishing." I would only go for the free pizza.

  • I spent most of my day going through this site, run as an extension of the God-blessed U.S. military. Actually, if the military spent more of their $80 billion on amusing little projects like this, I'd be quite the hawk. I like this picture:

    But the picture that will give me the heebie-jeebies for the next week is this one.

  • One-third of American students will be welcoming our new overlords with open arms.

  • The people of Mink, La., are living the good life.

  • Packs of hair?

  • You know, I think that beer improves just about everything. But it's generally a bad idea to second-guess the cook -- regardless of what's being cooked.

  • I think we've all had a drunken episode that went a bit like this.

  • In a recent column I complained about the lack of media circus show trials and now the universe is set to come back swinging with the Michael Jackson farce. My favorite aspect of the upcoming trial is that "E! Entertainment Television plans to use actors to create daily re-enactments." Brilliant!

    kari said...

    holy crap. that heebie-jeebie photo may haunt me until the end of time. that is what my nightmares look like: barrels of snakes. eewwww.

    Anonymous said...

    I would just like to say that I like when you're photographed, you look fierce. No smiling. It's hysterical. And sort of British.

    Are you coming to LA ever? I haven't seen you in a million years.


    Chris Cope said...

    Lindsay, you want me so bad. It's sort of pathetic. Sort of -- you saucy minx.

    Remember how I think you are a crazy person for moving to L.A.? I will go there when somebody flies me there and pays me to do something, like speak at the Kiwanis Club. I will also write you a letter.