Thursday, January 13, 2005

Hey there, little sexy pig

  • I found this little article whilst wandering through the depths of the BBC's pages. It includes a few links to music you may not have heard and that I find myself liking. How can you not appreciate music that includes lyrics like: "And hey there little sexy pig, you made it with a man. And now you've got a little kid with hooves instead of hands."

  • Of local interest: An old interview with the Menard's guy.

  • I think it's a pretty well-established fact that I am an extreme Britophile (have I ever shown you the picture of me and Rachel with Sarah Ferguson?), but, man, what an incredibly stupid move it was for Harry to wear a Nazi uniform. Honestly, what the hell is wrong with the thinking process there? It just makes absolutely no sense to me. Not only has he managed to insult millions of Jews and right-thinking peoples around the world, he's offended the millions of war dead who swore allegiance to his grandfather and died fighting the ideals represented by that uniform. And by wearing a desert uniform, he successfully also insults north Africa and, by extension, Muslims. There are only a handful of people left for him to insult.
    I can understand making really bad decisions. Once, when I was a teenager, I thought it would be a good idea to drive my bike off the roof of a building, attempting to land on a massive pile of dirt. I realized this was a bad idea almost as soon as it got under way. So it is perhaps possible that Harry would throw on Ye Olde Nazi Uniforme without thinking, but wouldn't he instantly think, "Oh, I say, what a terrible costuming choice this is," as soon as he looked in the mirror? Or while he was in the car on the way to the party? Or when the first person looked at him funny? Or at any other point in the evening? What an extreme bonehead.

  • Meanwhile, we don't care too much about Harry in the United States, because people are too angry at Randy Moss. I like Mark Cuban's take on the whole debacle.

    noisy ghost said...

    Well, at least Harry didn't dress up like a tsunami.

    Greg said...

    i'm listening to the first thing by joanna took me a while to get into it, but the music itself is really beautiful...its the vocals that make you stop and say "what in the bloody hell?"

    Chris Cope said...

    A Nazi tsunami. I knew there must be some way to make it worse.