Monday, January 10, 2005

I heart Randy Moss

Thanks to the Vikings' shock win Sunday, I was too busy celebrating to sit down and actually write the column I have coming out tomorrow. So, I had to write it today. Which means that I don't have much else to blog about.

In connection with my column, I sent an IM to Meaghan to ask her a philosophy question (who better to ask than a philosophy major?). I was going to ask her this question:

"Can you think of a philosopher who dealt with the problem of evil by suggesting it was necessary for the purpose of helping to identify good?"

But she never answered the IM. Probably because she thinks I am an ooky old stalker. Which, of course, I am.


Jenny said...

Very good post -

Philosophy, dialogue, new character, poignant and yet still slightly random ending.


Greg said...

I'm just a philosophy minor, but from what I've read and studied, that idea is fairly widely accepted and used without attributing it to one of the fathers of philosophy.