Friday, January 7, 2005

Media hack for sale

  • BOOK UPDATE: Nothing new to report, I'm afraid. I don't expect to hear back from the agent who asked to read my manuscript for at least another week. I sent out a few more query letters on Tuesday, so they likely won't even be received by agents until today at the earliest.
    While it's obviously true that, as my friend Paul says, "it only takes one" agent for the book to succeed, I would like a few more agents to express interest just for the sake of my all-too-fragile ego.

  • Note to Evil Powers That Be: I can be easily bought. I promise to promote your boneheaded political schemes for half what you gave this guy. If it will help the cause, I will also have sex with the Bush twins for free.

  • Note to my fellow bloggers: If you have music automatically playing on your site I despise you. Seriously, yo -- stop that.

  • Actual IM conversation with co-worker (screen names changed to avoid having you pester me while I am trying to misinform the world):
    ME: Why does it fill us all with so much joy when Bill Gates' computer freezes during a presentation?
    ME: I'm not being sarcastic -- it fills me with good feeling.
    HIM: It actually made me whimper with happiness.
    ME: Like sunshine and chocolate and sex and fuzzy blankets
    HIM: Yes.

  • Congratulations Houston on being so damn big.

  • I hate this kid.

  • I suspect that every blog in the United States will eventually link to this item.
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