Friday, January 28, 2005

Non-award-winning blogetry

  • What's the point of having blog awards if it's never publicized when we can nominate bloggers of note?
    S'dim ots i fi*, though, because I don't read any of the blogs nominated.

  • Is there something wrong with me that I think the Ramones are crap? All their songs sound exactly the same. How is that groundbreaking? What am I missing?

  • "Do you ever get paranoid about the futility of what we're doing?" I asked a co-worker today.
    "What do you mean?"
    "Everything we do exists on the Internet -- it is nothing but a conglomeration of electrical nothingness that does not exist outside of itself. A lamp exists regardless of whether it's plugged in, but the Internet does not exist independently of the servers that host it. Theoretically, it could silently slip into nothingness at any moment and we would have no proof that it ever really existed. In a very real sense, I have spent the past four years of my life working on absolutely nothing -- a dream.
    "No. I don't ever think about that."

  • Good names for a band: Coffee Cup And Underpants

    *"It doesn't matter to me"

    Jenny said...

    Coffeepants and Undercup could be good also.

    Cheekysquirrel said...

    To be honest its very hard to sway the bloggies.
    Sites with the biggest cliques get through to nominations.

    Greg said...

    There is nothing wrong with thinking any band is crap. However (see my comments in response to Nirvana) what the Ramones were doing with music, attitude and style was different from the majority of other bands. In the late 70s, the three types of music that were developing were what became 80s pop, 80s hair and heavy metal and punk. The Ramones were one of the earliest of the American bands to play punk. Their music may have been dominated by a three chord sound, but the attitude and style that they presented was totally different. The politically aware feeling of their music and their connection with the disaffected youth of the big cities. And the way they played was really impressive. Their music is extremely fast, yet they would play 2 hour sets without a break - that endeared them to their fans.