Sunday, January 30, 2005

An open letter

Dear My Body,

I am very sorry for the way that I treat you. I know that I should not fill you with beer, Buffalo wings, beer, Applebee's Riblets and beer. It's just that those things are so tasty.

I realize that you are very angry at me right now, and that's why it feels like someone has bashed me in the skull with one of those medieval-style maces. I suppose I deserve this.

But the thing is, I only get two days off a week. These weekend days are very valuable to me. I was wondering if perhaps you could make the hurting stop, just this one time. I will take you running if you will let me, and then maybe we can do some other fun things together.

Please stop hurting. Please.



1 comment:

Greg said...

Ever thought about submitting things like this to McSweeney'sThey used to do a series called "open letters to persons or things that will not respond."