Friday, January 21, 2005


  • Did you bother to watch the inaugural ceremonies today? As a member of the Global Media Conspiracy, I was all but required to do so. I spent most of the time running up to the actual inaugural ceremony watching coverage on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and ABC. I don't think there's a political pundit alive that didn't get a chance to be on television today. What a delightful moment today must have been for them -- suddenly all those tedious stories they tell at parties have relevance.
    Personally, I enjoyed the retard observations, like: "This is the first presidential inauguration since 9/11." Brilliant. I'd like to point out that is also the first presidential inauguration since Christmas.
    I'm sure Cadillac also appreciated the SEVEN minutes Wolf Blitzer spent talking about the amenities of the brand new presidential limo. His credibility plummeted into the negative when he said: "And now the president and members of Congress will enjoy a delicious meal."

  • Life amid the confines of my benevolent employer was particularly hectic today, hence decreased blogging.
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