Monday, January 24, 2005

You can drink tap water and breathe the air

  • It's alive!!! Minnesota's One And Only Hope For Good Radio is on the air and online finally.
    Getting my clunky benevolent-employer-issued computer (allegedly they will be replacing my circa 2000 machine at some point in the near future, but there appears to be no evidence to support this claim) to play the aacPlus stream was a pain in the caboose, but I finally got things up and running and am still making a judgment as to how much I like the station. I mean, you can't not like a station that follows Low with Patsy Cline, Ani DiFranco* with Memphis Minnie, Hem with Frank Sinatra (followed by Cake's "Frank Sinatra" -- cheeky), but is it enough to draw me away from my beloved BBC radio? Especially with the BBC re-tooling its on-demand player -- who knows how good that will be.
    But for today, the general assessment of The Current is this: good station; dumb-ass name. I didn't hear it, but apparently the first song was "Shhh" by Atmosphere -- a song about how great Minnesota is. Indeed.
    And how delightful was it to hear the old voices of Rev 105 prancing about in my skull again? It's as if I have somehow gotten that evil-stupid wish of mine that I could go back to being 18 years old. I wonder if Sara Handy wants to make out?

  • One thing I learned from listening to 89.3 (I can't seem to force myself to write "The Current" over and over again) is that there is a band out there with a great name.

    *Ani DiFranco?! Even our progressive radio can't let go of the early 90s.
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