Friday, February 18, 2005

And it was good

I was thinking today about those statistics they always give that every 4.1 seconds a person is born, and every 1.8 seconds a person dies. At most recent count, there are close to 6.5 billion of us at any given time.

Imagine if each person were represented as a little point of light. And imagine if you could stand back far enough to take in all those billions of points of light -- sparkling and twinkling and dancing and floating and swirling in the darkness. I should imagine it would be rather pretty.

And I doubt anyone would ever pester you as to why any of those tiny points of light went out any earlier than any of the others.

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Astrid said...

Yes, those facts are impressive! I can't believe how many people have been born and died while I just read this post! Life is just so ... UNIQUE!!! Oh, isn't tremendous just to be alive? Miles of smiles, Astrid.