Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Beardy me

  • I learned something new today. According to my co-worker, the word "mayday" is simply a bastardization of the French phrase "me aidez," meaning, "help me."
    You're smart, so you probably already knew this. But I thought it was cool.

  • Lately I've been growing out my hair and added a beard, giving me a slight Badly Drawn Boy look. But last night, I got out of the shower and pushed my hair back, just to get it out of my face, and I looked like Steve Reeves (shout out to MST3K fans). I came very close to just shaving my head.

  • Esther's most recent post is easily one of the best she's written. That makes it sound as if I am reading her blog with a critical eye -- evaluating the quality of her writing and occasionally clicking my tongue in unison with the city fathers and debating whether she has become too commercial. That's silly. Her deal with T-Mobile made perfect sense.

  • Blatantly obvious statement of the week: "the man... should not have been drinking."
    But, you know, considering that he can no longer breed; it's probably for the best.

  • Hobbit celebrates record-breaking sailing accomplishment.
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    Crystal said...

    I think "help me!" would be more effective in America. Valuable seconds or even minutes could be lost in the time it takes to look up "mayday" in the French/English dictionary and that would be if you already knew the origin of the word. Not to mention that it is not spelled in French the way it's spelled in English. Why can't we just say what we mean for crying out loud?? FREAKING HELP ME! I AM PLUMETING TOWARD THE GROUND AT A VERY FAST RATE OF SPEED AND I THINK I JUST PISSED MYSELF!