Saturday, February 5, 2005

Elvin Tibideaux, where are you?

  • Who was your favorite character in "The Cosby Show?" Mine was Russell Huxtable, Cliff's dad. I liked him if not simply because he played the trombone (he didn't really and Earle Hyman's attempts to mimic trombone playing was downright embarrassing, but hey, it's the thought that counts).
    A close second was Elvin. He's a bit of a personal failure with a hot wife; I can relate to that. Perhaps, so many years ago, I just sensed the direction my life would take.

  • It's sweeps time for those of us in the American division of the Global Media Conspiracy. That means that television stations are racking their brains trying to think of boneheaded ways to get you to watch. The most popular sweeps stories at the moment are about identity theft and (still) spy ware.
    Today my co-workers and I were sitting around thinking of less likely stories that stations could run. My personal favorite was based on the fact that at least once a week, some bloke is arrested in Ohio after thinking he was meeting a 14-year-old girl.
    Here's the tease: "You've finally found love on the Internet, but it could be a trap set up and paid for by your tax dollars. Find out why looking for love could put you in all the wrong places, tonight at 11."

  • My dad's home town made the news.

  • Good name for a band: Slain.

    Crystal said...

    denise's boyfriend who sang the "eh man" song

    Crystal said...

    oh! and the little fat white boy.