Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Generation gap

  • I don't think I've ever mentioned that my benevolent employer is also my father's benevolent employer -- a situation that creates undue stress for me when I think about the financial strength of my benevolent employer. Usually I wouldn't care about such things; I have the sort of personality that will keep me relegated to the bottom tier of any employment structure. So, the success or, lack thereof, of any given employer don't confront me, long as I get my money. But when they also sign the paychecks of my dad, the guy I would ask to bail me out if my employer went under, it makes me nervous.
    There are all sorts of negatives to working in the same building as your pops -- you have to behave, all personal anecdotes are too easily fact checked, drinking stories must be toned down or kept to oneself, I see my dad every damn day -- but one plus is the fact that I haven't had to buy a new car. My daddy takes me to school work.
    Today as we were crossing the moat to reach the fortressed gates of our benevolent employer's headquarters, we had one of those moments that show the separation in thought between my father and me. Behind us was a short bloke who was keen to demonstrate how much more important he was than us by muscling up behind us with that stereotypical "I'm more important than you, so I walk fast" gait.
    My natural inclination was to slow down and try to occupy more space, thus forcing Self-Important Bloke to either calm down or make a boob of himself in squeezing past. My father, on the other hand, stepped aside and opened a door for him.
    "Go ahead," my father said, full of charm.
    This behavior is at the heart of why my dad has never been fired and I have to rely on him for transportation.

  • Despite my poor attitude toward my role in the Global Media Conspiracy, I stay in The Business for the sake of being able to occasionally write headlines like: "Millionaire Stepson Hires Transsexual Trucker To Kill Mom."
    Besides. There are worse jobs out there.
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    noisy ghost said...

    So THAT'S what the peanut story was about. What a relief.