Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Gogs and Norwegian spirit guides

  • There's a woman from Glasgow (Scotland, not Montana) that shares the same filtered air as me in the headquarters of my benevolent employer. The other day she was talking to me about the weak economic shape of her mother country when she said:
    "It's very bad. My friend is a medium -- spirits speak through him, you know -- and there's just no work. He had to move to Norway."
    1) While I don't dispute that Scotland's economic situation is less than ideal, I'm inclined to believe that the lack of a burgeoning economy isn't to blame in this particular case.
    2) Is there a great deal of work for mediums in Norway?

  • Mmmmmm!

  • Gruff Rhys (pronounced "griff reess")was on OneMusic Tuesday. There's clearly something not quite right with that boy. For that alone it's worth it to listen to the show (Gruff is there from about 10 minutes in), plus you get to hear Gruff's impossible-to-imitate Gog* accent.
    And it was fun to listen to Gruff and Huw struggling to speak English to one another. I liked when they just gave up and dropped into Welsh.

  • *A Gog (from the Welsh word "gogledd") is someone from North Wales.

    Cheekysquirrel said...

    Did dropping into welsh help them?

    As a novice welsh speaker I find welsh hard to understand but I find Gog welsh impossible to understand.

    I understand flutent welsh speakers also have problems with the north / south divide.

    Chris Cope said...

    Yeah -- speaking Welsh made everything flow better. That's a good question, though, about the north/south divide, because I'm pretty sure Huw is from Cardiff.

    I don't have any more trouble understanding one or the other -- both are tricky for me. And because I'm learning from yr UDA, my sources come from both ends. The negative result there is that I use northern and southern words interchangeably; often in the same sentence: "Mae gen i gur pen oherwydd y teledu na."

    Willow said...

    Hmm, does Norway have a great need for mediums? I wouldn't think so, all the Norwegians I know are bleak atheists and nihilists who would die of inward laughter if someone suggested the use medium to solve a problem.

    Interesting post.