Saturday, February 19, 2005

My friends are big in Belgium

  • I realized today that I haven't ever linked to my best friend's band.
    He's also in this band, which was primarily formed for the purpose of amusing the guys who are in the band. Bryce (trumpet) and Eric (trombone) are featured with me in this famous track. And the band's guitarist, Matt, almost killed me once when I thought it would be funny to jump on the hood of his car -- he responded by flooring the gas pedal and I was tossed over the roof. To his credit, however, he did nurse me back to health when I had the flu in college. And I made out with his girlfriend about two days after they broke up.
    I also have friends who play in this band. Yet, I've never been in a band.
    Well, I shouldn't say "never."
    In high school, Eric and I and several others performed a stirring rendition of James Brown's "I Got You" at a talent show. I almost got suspended as a result.
    Also in high school, Paul (of Jack Brass Band and Belfast Cowboys) and I formed a group that was disbanded after our first rehearsal. This came in part because the drummer was grounded and the singer (me) wasn't particularly good at remembering lyrics. I had planned to name the band Asthma.

  • Dumbest hip-hop lyric I've heard today: "Whatever it takes, girl; I'll swim to France."

  • I've decided that "Judging Amy" sounds like a euphemism for something: "He was late to work because he was Judging Amy." I'm not sure for what exactly it might be a euphemism, but I'm the idea man here. Feel free to use it in your daily speech and we'll sort out its meaning later.

  • I'm sure you'll have seen this already. Anyone know where I can find a better version?
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