Thursday, March 31, 2005

Cats and dogs living together

  • I realize this is almost blasphemous to say, but the American version of "The Office" is actually funny. My favorite exchange:
    "Hey, wanna get high?"
    "I think you do, mon."

  • Speaking of great television, I'll bet watching this would be less fun than a colonoscopy without sedation. I think the only way you could get me to watch would be if I were sitting right next to Robin Williams at the time and he were making fun of it.

  • Try as I might (and believe me, I tried), I was not able to find the pictures in question anywhere on the Internet today.

  • I think I would rather have a ring that says: "Let Licking Last."

  • Good named for a band: The Stoned Kitties

  • Find out what kind of dog you are by going to this site and clicking "Game" (on the left). Apparently I am a Maremma Sheepdog

  • So, what stage of grief is it when you sell out the people who supported you?

  • While I'm showing my ideological cards, I'll point out this story, which I am sure will receive blanket dismissal from the majority of us here in the U.S. In fact, to save some time, I will now offer some instant crazy-person spin:
    --- The report "was drawn up by 1,300 researchers from 95 nations over a period of four years." But I'm sure that means nothing. After all, that's 95 freedom-hating nations and 1,300 tofu-eating researchers who are desperate to instigate a pro-death-liberal-elite-communist agenda through ideological terrorism, over a period of four years, during which most of the researchers were whacked out on hashish!
    --- "... humans have changed most ecosystems beyond recognition in a dramatically short space of time." So, wait. That's bad? We're trying to move America forward and these corrupt jackbooted blue-helmeted socialist thugs at the U.N. want us to throw away our freedoms and regress to the days of mud huts and cholera outbreak!
    --- "...the pressure for resources has resulted in a substantial and largely irreversible loss in the diversity of life on Earth, with some 10-30% of the mammal, bird and amphibian species currently threatened with extinction." More lies from the Democratic Party transcription service that is the gay-agenda atheistic extreme liberal media. Since mankind didn't create Earth, he is incapable of destroying it -- any extinctions are the direct result of homosexual activity on the part of that species.
    --- The report suggests "changes in consumption patterns, better education, new technologies and higher prices for exploiting ecosystems." You see?! They admit it! This is just another attempt by the Wal-Mart-hating liberal intellectuals to rob us of our quality of life and condition us for higher taxes and women who don't shave their underarm hair!

  • Lately I've been fighting a ridiculous urge to listen to ELO. Please send help.

  • This story contains one of my favorite file photos.

  • North Carolina appears set to change its motto to "The Classy State."

  • I think if a bank robber is using a Dodge Colt as a getaway car it's pretty clear that he needs the money.

    Thomas said...

    Didn't you hear that there was a boycott of the American version of The Office going on?

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    I now LOVE the Schindlers, 'cause they just like Hoss: they wanna Make Their Pile.

    I am Ibizan Hound. "Must not be shouted at."

    You know, Copester, with all those links it takes about an hour to get through one of your posts. And I got 63 others I'm tracking. (Get a life, Hoss.)

    Chris Cope said...

    Well, you know, Hoss. I've found that when what I've got to say isn't worth a damn (which is the case with everything that I say) the best way to avoid having people point this out is to distract 'em.

    Crystal said...

    na nu na nu

    James said...

    I'm a Saluki.

    "This elegant, if somewhat aloof breed is loyal, affectionate and trustworthy, and despite limited interest in Europe, is now a well sought-after animal. It still retains strong hunting instincts and so care should be taken when taking it to the countryside. "

    I don't think I could have given a more succinct and accurate description of myself. I'm astounded that they were able to ascertain, in such granular detail, both my limited interest in Europe and my proclivities regarding the countryside.

    Willow said...

    The American redo of 'The Office' is good? Really?! I'm shocked, I haven't seen it yet, though I may check it out now. I absolutely adored the BBC original series, and I thought that American television would slaughter it as they have other BBC shows. Hmm, thanks for the head's up!