Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I love you, Big Thug

  • Did you happen to watch the Minnesota-Virginia women's basketball game Monday night? It was a bit more nail-biting than I usually like to see in teams I support, but you had a sense that Minnesota had the game under control when Big Thug (that's my nickname for Janel McCarville) laid out Virginia's LaTonya Blue on a screen.
    This was one of the best screens I have ever seen. If there were more of that in basketball, I would watch more regularly. McCarville didn't even move and Blue hit the floor like she had been hit by a truck (which, in a way, she had). ESPN2 showed the hit several more times from myriad angles and the best one was the angle in which you see McCarville lock her gaze on Blue and, while the rest of her body doesn't show it, something in her eyes says, "I'm gonna kill this girl."

  • Of course, Minnesota is presently home to the greatest basketball feat ever.

  • I, for one, don't really have a problem with rock homos. But I can certainly understand wanting to keep dodgy old Bob Geldorf at arm's length.