Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Jesus is our fullback

  • My co-workers and I had a long discussion today on the issue of what sport Jesus would play. Of course He would excel anything He put His mind to because, you know, He's the Son of God, bitches. But where would He perform the best?
    I think He's definitely in for any of those grueling activities, like marathon or Ironman, because He's got a really high pain threshold. I also get the gut feeling that He'd be a thoroughly reliable rugby fullback.

  • The new England soccer kit includes Teflon shorts. Apparently this is to keep them from getting too muddy on the field. Yeah, because no one has ever looked cool covered in mud. But at least we know that England's shorts will not burn up when re-entering the Earth's atmosphere.

  • What do you think of this idea? I sort of think it's a good idea, but I freely admit to knowing nothing.

  • Good name for a band: Partying With Fred*

  • Random quote from a co-worker: "When was it ever cool to get naked with your buddies?"

  • Man, I wish those of us in the U.S. division of the Global Media Conspiracy had a union.

  • I'm a bit slow on the take, but I discovered Wednesday that one of my favorite people on this ol' planet has a blog. Lindsay is from the Great State of Minnesota but moved out to Los Angeles to be closer to Disneyland -- it's her second favorite place (the first being Disneyworld).

  • According to science types in Warwick, if one partner in a marriage is happy, the other is more likely to be happy. I think I will suggest that I be the one whose happiness my wife and I focus on. Her waking me up at 2 a.m. for nookie this morning is a good start.

    *That one comes courtesy my editor, Adam, who loves UT**.

    **I never get tired of that link

    Shawn D. Mickschl said...

    I think Jesus would engage in a team sport. Granted He spent a lot of time alone in prayer, He was very purposeful in calling others into relationship with him.

    The sport, I believe, would be baseball. It is mostly non-violent and definitely requires total team effort.

    His position would be catcher. The catcher doesn't need to be a star, yet he is vital to the success of every play. Mostly the catcher gives advice to the pitcher and gets tough occasionally, but only when necessary.

    Yeah, He would be a catcher on a baseball team.

    Old Horsetail Snake said...

    That Lindsay person another Welshie? I never heard a 'Merican say "quite chuffed."

    James said...

    Oh, give the boys a break. They just hadn't read the rules.

    Chris Cope said...

    It would be funny to wear one of those Rule No. 7 T-shirts to a wrestling match.

    James said...

    Bright yellow T, red lettering with a touch of glitter, kilt, and lime-green Converse high-tops? I shall await the photographic evidence. Preferably a shot before you're all goopy with blood. Blood's ok, but I can't abide goop. Got cupboards full.