Wednesday, March 2, 2005

A message from the Global Media Conspiracy

Attention America: We have given up. Despite the depth of our resources and education we have decided that the pursuit of objective truth is neither worthwhile nor financially viable. From now on, the average third-grader will be just as reliable a news source. If someone says it, we will report it unquestioningly -- especially if what is said is the sort of thing that would have a paranoid Utah housewife reaching for a firearm; something like "black pagan."


noisy ghost said...

I understand what you're saying about the faith healing article: sort of lame journalism. Although, if that's what people are interested in, I guess it's news.

I don't understand the other link, however. It seems to be nothing more than a description of a court case where a mom and her bad boyfriend killed a child. Do you think that the media was trying to drum up hatred for pagans, or just reporting that the mother believed that was a motivation for the boyfriend to be abusive. Am I missing something?

Chris Cope said...

What is a black pagan? Is there actually such a thing? What are their actual beliefs? Is it part and parcel of so-called black paganism to beat the crap out of a baby? Why? Is this guy really a black pagan, does he claim to have sacrificed the baby, or is this a case of a worthless mother desperate to shift the blame?

There are endless questions that come up when you use inflammatory language like "black pagan." Those are scary buzzwords used by a prosecutor that was eager to demonize. The problem is not that The Global Media Conspiracy was trying to do anything. The problem is that the words were met without question by the person who decided that it was news. It's as if there is a simple word filter in their mind: "Dead baby; black pagan. That automatically gets stacked at the top of the show."

noisy ghost said...

I'm a long time pagan, myself, and I've never heard the term before. My guess is that the guy was into hair band Satanism and shaking babies when he had a bad day. The mother either actually believed that he was doing "pagan" things to the girl, or, like you said, trying to shift the guilt.

I don't blame the news for not getting more in depth on the meaning of 'black pagan' and I see what you mean about them putting that word in the story for sensational value. I don't expect much more from a TV news station, frankly. As a run-of-the-mill colorless pagan, I don't feel threatened.

noisy ghost said...

OK, I've just cruised around the internet and I see that the story is now national news for no other reason than the term 'black pagan'. You were right. That IS slimy sensationalism. Good to know that your are on top of these things.