Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Orange you glad it's workplace-appropriate?

  • Today I left a comment on Kari's blog in which I suggested she get drunk and post pictures of herself doing "very inappropriate things with fruit." Then I got this really great idea for a sort of photo essay that I am simply too lazy to do, so I will just tell you about it.
    I would go around the fine city of St. Paul and take pictures of myself doing inappropriate things with fruit. But they wouldn't be rude inappropriate things:
    "Here's a picture of me speaking out of turn; as you can see, I am holding a banana."
    "In this photo I am jaywalking; look at the pineapple I'm balancing on my head."
    "As you can see, I've tied a tomato to my neck, and I'm not leaving a tip for the waitress."

  • Last night, in a fit of anger and frustration with the fact that this website has not been updated in months, I discovered that the BBC has entire section dedicated to complaints. It's interesting to look through what other people have complained about and how the BBC has responded. I feel badly for pitching a fit over my beloved Welsh learning, but hopefully the powers that be will take me more seriously than the person who complained about the rudeness of Richard Parks.

  • Does anyone other than me remember the World News Polka? When I worked in Reno, we used to blare it over the intercom system every Friday as we got ready to do the morning show. Anyone know where I can find a video file of this?

  • Poor little Lizard King can't get into college: "But what happened? How come my parents or the state or the university didn't look ahead?"

  • I want a T-shirt that reads: "All Our Disasters Come From America."

  • Occasionally I'll play that game of thinking about where I would live if I could reside in any U.S. city. I find it interesting that three of my top five cities are tied for the No. 71 spot of the most depressed cities. Also on my list are Austin (No. 36) and uhm, I guess Minneapolis (No. 78) -- a lot of non U.S. cities would win priority, though.

    Cheekysquirrel said...

    I was going to post a comment earlier but blogger wouldn't let me. Now that it will I can't remember what it was I was going to say.

    Lets just all pretend I said it anyway and it was hysterically funny.

    Damn you blogger comments!

    Crystal said...

    austin would probably be higher on the list if it wasn't for the abundance of ecstacy, pot, and hippies.