Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Sports Brackets Life With Definite Results

I've taken a stab at actually explaining why men love sports so much. So, it's a good bet that My Latest Column is complete nonsense. Regardless, please send it to all your friends and enemies.


Old Horsetail Snake said...

Because illness, I can't get out much. Going send daughter to get me a Guinness today, drink in your honor. Or don't u do Guinness? We kind a limited for Welsh beer on West Coast. Nice column, thanks for including link in your site so I get to see. I think you nailed head with concept.

Chris Cope said...

Oh yeah -- I'm definitely a Guinness fan. To my knowledge there is only one Welsh beer (Welsh ESB) sold in the United States and it is notoriously difficult to find. My beer rule is that if a place doesn't have what I usually drink, I will drink what they have.