Friday, April 1, 2005

These bloody people

  • Oh, man. The person behind this blog is going to hell.

  • And what is hell like? Well, it's a lot like being trapped in a dark room watching "Miss Congeniality 2" with a load of screaming children.

  • Yeesh. It's called bonding with your sons. Calm down. And I think this exchange may answer some questions about Charles' flippant attitude:
    Reporter: "As this is your last holiday together before the wedding, I was wondering, William and Harry, if you were planning any kind of appropriate send-off for your father?"
    Prince Harry: "It's been and done."
    William: "You missed it. It was good fun."

  • Lately my favorite phrase has been: "A feat of derring-do."

  • Thursday was Cesar Chavez Day. You could have broken someone's arm* up here in Minnesota and they wouldn't have been able to tell you that.

  • Here's a random truth: Somewhere in Irving, Texas, there is a jar with $7.43 in it buried in the back yard of my family's old house.

  • Helpful hints for really dumb people: When changing the battery in a smoke detector "open the door or top of the detector and pull the old battery out."

  • Ah, no wonder the Twin Cities are such a safe place to live.

    *I have no idea what that means. Lately I have been embracing my Texas heritage and making up homespun similes and metaphors, regardless of the applicability.

    James said...

    Oh...oh, Chris...that blog...oh....

    I think I peed a little.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    No, that homily is not worth cum grano salis. What you should say is "you could threaten to steal their chew and people wouldn't..."

    Also, I hope the Wales football teams -- all of them -- lose all their games. In the interest of cutting down on assaults, of course.

    Anonymous said...

    That blog rawked. I wonder if we'll see any more entries now?