Friday, March 25, 2005

Whoa. Dad's been here

  • I think this is an interesting picture. Well, the picture is just of one bloke stepping on another's back. What I found interesting was the caption, explaining that this was how soldiers moved across barbed wire lines. How would you like to be the poor fella who had to have his whole group step all over him? I suppose it's better than getting shot…

  • I'm linking to this story only because it contains the phrase "his biscuits were burning."

  • Good name for a band: The Fighting Swiss Cows.

  • I saw an ad in today's paper that had a massive headline reading: "New year, new chance to talk to your teen about acne."
    If you are almost four months into the year and still thinking of it as new, I'm willing to bet that you're the sort of utterly disorganized crap parent for whom a teenager's acne is the least of your worries.

  • Sad but true fact: I can identify my father by his flatulence. The other day I walked into a room and thought: "Whoa. Dad's been here." Then he walked by.

  • Man, forget about the FIFA World Cup, I want tickets to the flag football World Cup.

    Dave Morris said...

    Of the 47 freakin' cars I've owned, one was a Passat. And curiously, the seat heaters didn't even work.

    The guy should have done the only thing a guy-whose-biscuits-are-burning COULD do.

    Filled his pants with gravy.

    Chris Cope said...

    I think Gravy Pants would be a great nickname: Chris "Gravy Pants" Cope.

    Crystal said...

    Now, THIS is an interesting picture:

    Man with chops shaking a maraca in a radioactive coffeeshop. The expression on his face tells us that no one on the planet earth could ever shake a maraca quite like him. He is Chops, The Maraca Man.

    Thomas said...

    Maybe the kid with acne was Chinese. They have a whole other calendar.