Thursday, April 14, 2005

Boobies of death

  • I do not understand all this sudden interest in bringing back silicone implants. Is there some sort of untold medical tragedy occurring that we need so desperately to bring back deadly boobs? The only pro-death-tit argument I can find is the tired cliché that "consumers should be allowed to choose."
    The whole thing reminds me of Steve Martin's "Cruel Shoes."

  • I swear to you, this morning as I was commuting* to work, I saw HM The Queen driving a blue Honda Civic. I suppose it's not surprising that she would drive such an economical and reliable automobile, but I'm not sure what she was doing driving around baseball fields in Saint Paul, Minn.
    "We are very eager to see the start of Little League play."

  • Who would have thought this would be a problem?

  • What is the best song of all time? Ever? I don't mean some cool song that you really like at the moment, but a song that will always elicit some sort of emotional response from you? I'm inclined to say, sadly, that Thin Lizzie's "Boys Are Back In Town" is up there on my list.

  • "The robber... had cut eyeholes in his stocking cap, which he had pulled down over his face."
    Apparently he got his fashion sense from Dumb Donald of Fat Albert fame.

    *"Commuting." That's the big word I use to avoid admitting that my dad gives me a ride to work every day.

    Shawn D. Mickschl said...

    "And here's a tune that will really make you swoon..."

    I was thinking something by Frank like "New York, New York" or "My Way".

    Then my mind started drifting into "it has to be a Zeppelin tune." My personal favorites include "Kashmir" and "Fool in the Rain".

    Next a string of "California" songs took the mental stage (which is weird, because I am not too fond of California): "California Dreamin'"; "Hotel California"; "California Girls".

    All of sudden, "Happy Birthday" as sung by Marylin Monroe was in the lead.

    Then it hit me! What could possibly be more soul-stirring, more heart-warming, more thought-provoking than what is officially the GREATEST song ever? The theme song from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"! I LOVE YOU WILL SMITH!

    Shawn D. Mickschl said...


    I know I established that the wizardry that is Will Smith is the best of the best.

    However, just after hitting the all-powerful "Login and Publish" button, I had an epiphany.

    Hands down, no need for further review, the best song ever is "The Super Bowl Shuffle" by the 1985 Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears. period. the end.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    It is no contest. The best song ever is "Take an Old Cold Tater and Wait," by Little Jimmy Dickens. Has everything: family, deprivation, religion. Well, I guess it doesn't have a pickup truck or a railroad, but it ain't exactly a noogie song, either.

    Dave Morris said...

    One of the songs that always takes me back is from Poco's Legend CD, called "Heart of the Night." Obscure, yes. It's not for everyone.

    And at least you get IN a car every day. My commute consists of 16 stairs down to my recording studio. Sometimes I go for days without seeing a face other than mine, my wife's or my dog & cat. And the animals really don't have a face, because there are no lips or eyebrows.

    But I digress.

    Willow said...

    I have two nominees for the greatest song . . . . Paul Simon's "All Around the World (Or the Myth of Fingerprints" and also Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" as performed by Jeff Buckley though.

    Great post!


    Crystal said...

    "for those of you who will not must be playin wit ya own ding-a-ling!"
    that song brings back memories, even if i don't have aforementioned ding-a-ling.

    Nic Dafis said...

    Kind of embarressing, but the 20 seconds or so in the middle of Freebird, between Ronnie taking a deep breath in preparation for "won't you fliiihhhhiiiiiiyyyy Ffreeeeebyyyyrrrdd yeeaahh..." and the collapse of the whole beautiful thing into fretboard wankery.

    Omigod, does gen i ddim copi o Freebird yn iTunes!

    /opens Limewire

    Chris Cope said...

    Freebird is definitely at the the top of my list. I can "sing" the guitar part from memory. What the hell is wrong with iTunes that they don't have a copy? If you need one, send me an e-mail and I'll send it to you.