Tuesday, April 19, 2005

El Papa Ron Mexico

  • Crap. Well, on the plus side, perhaps now is a good time to take out a 30-year loan; I won't have to pay it off.

  • You get the sense that she wouldn't handle the labor pains very well.

  • I hope that the new pope will choose his name to be Pope Ron Mexico.

  • Ever have one of those days in which this is your soundtrack?

  • I really like this song (nifty little video, too), even though there are parts when I wanted to start singing, "Take on me... Take me on..."

  • Blogger continues to suck. I had wanted to comment on several people's blogs pieces today but couldn't because of Blogger's sucktacular nature. The same problem is to blame for this post being three hours late.

    Your Linguistic Profile:

    65% General American English
    15% Dixie
    10% Yankee
    5% Midwestern
    5% Upper Midwestern


    Shawn D. Mickschl said...

    Maybe the giant rock will fall on Osama Bin Laden's head, and a decrepit, old President Bush can claim, "This...uh...this was my plan all along."

    Finally we will see some fruit from his "strategary".

    Thank goodness we have falling asteroids to keep America safe from terrorism!

    Chris Cope said...

    Good plan. Hooray for Freedom Rock!

    Chris Cope said...

    Dang. It appears that "Freedom Rock" is already taken.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    So the Freedom Rock takes out the Twins and the Vikings. Who cares? Just keep it away from Boston.

    Dave Morris said...

    How about the Liberty Bowl-der? Boulder? Get it? Liberty Boulder?he he!

    No? Well then to hell with everyone.

    Sara Handy said...

    This was an excellent diversion. I love this language stuff.

    Your Linguistic Profile:
    55% General American English
    15% Upper Midwestern
    15% Yankee
    10% Dixie
    5% Midwestern

    Good lord, the Yank speak is catching up with my glorious Midwestern lingual past. And I even lied about saying pop - I don't say that ever since everybody in college always thought I was saying pot.

    But I do still say hotdish rather than casserole.

    They could add some good Yank vs Midwest ones like pronunciation of coffee (I scare myself by hearing "Caw-fee" actually uttered from my lips these days) and tour. Native New Yorkers say it like Torr, the measurement of pressure you only use in physics class, rhymes with "bore." We always said it to rhyme roughly with "sewer" or "Moor." Speaking of coffee, if you order a "regular" here it means with milk and sugar; to distinguish size you must say small, medium or large and to avoid milk/sugar it's best to say "black." And Yanks stand on line, I stand in line. Except in Europe, when I'm over there I queue.