Tuesday, April 5, 2005

I can see your house from here

  • Cool. Google has added a feature to its mapping system that gives you a satellite picture. I can see my house from here, man*.

  • This story makes me sad. He is, after all, one of America's best journalists (note that he's actually Canadian). But I can't say that it comes as any surprise to me. When I was working at the ABC affiliate in San Diego, Jennings and his entourage came through as part of his series of town hall discussions that came shortly after 9-11. He and his crew smoked like chimneys. They took over one of the back rooms and politely asked if we wouldn't mind if they broke the rules and smoked back there. We politely explained that they were in California and smoking indoors was by no means acceptable, no matter how awesome and respected you are. You don't wear a baseball hat in church, you don't joke about bombs on airplanes, and you sure as hell don't smoke indoors in California.

  • I suck at this game.

  • I don't usually link to McSweeney's articles because everyone links to McSweeney's (and no one ever links to BBC articles?), but I really liked this one.

    *I once spent a day at Astroworld with my cousin, Shawn, and every time we were at a high point on a roller coaster he would elbow me in the ribs and shout: "I can see your house from here, man."
    By the end of the day it had become the funniest thing in the world.

    Jenny said...

    I'm really weirded out by the grid nature of Saint Paul. It could almost be some sort of amazing alien circuit board.

    Chris Cope said...

    Strangely, people in this region (not actual St. Paul residents) regularly complain that St. Paul's streets are too confusing. I have a friend in a nearby city who won't come to visit because she claims she always gets lost. When I drive around town, I can spot who's not familiar with the area because they are slow and given to sudden erratic swerving.