Thursday, May 19, 2005

But he does exist. He does.

  • I finally timed things just right today that I managed to capture Löwenbräu, via audioblog, yammering on for a full 43 seconds about the qualities of the Minnesota Zoo. But as it turns out, the phones at the headquarters of my benevolent employer are very good at eliminating extraneous noise. Despite the fact that Löwenbräu's voice was reverberating in my skull, when I listened to the recording it was barely audible. Even with the volume on my speakers cranked up, his monologue was fragmented -- "Sharks... good deal there... all the fish they got... fish... sharks... really liked the sharks..." -- and the audio ended with an ear-splitting beep. The end result is that I doubt I will be able to post audio of Löwenbräu.
    If we were in junior high school, you could completely derail me by suggesting that you think Löwenbräu is a made-up person.
    "No, he's real," I would screech, my voice lilting upward. "I didn't make him up!"
    Then I would punch you and try not to cry.

  • I wish I had thought up this prank.

  • Wow. Is it that time already? Today is Bryce Hasn't Updated His Blog In A Month Day.

  • Best hip-hop line I've heard in a while: "Your lyrics are gibberish. It's a microphone, not a clitoris."

  • Random IM conversation with co-worker:
    ME: To be fair to people who dress up for Star Wars -- it's not too much different than dressing up for Renaissance Fest.
    ME: Except that the Renaissance actually happened.
    CW: Yes, but there were NO FUCKING FAERIES.
    ME: You hush, you.
    ME: Everyone knows that the Renaissance was populated by faeries.
    ME: And Scotsmen carrying massive swords.
    ME: The both of them drinking grog and eating roast turkey legs. Every day. All day.
    CW: Yes, and everyone dressed like a peasant owned a broadsword.
    ME: Exactly.

    James said...

    I believe Löwenbräu exists. After all, this guy is a staff writer.

    Crystal said...

    so? the little green fairy in star wars owned a sword of sorts. and he could fly.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    In high school, 4 of us left a horse in the school overnight. But what we really wanted was to be cattle rustlers.

    kari said...

    renaissance fest is on par with star wars is on par trekkie conventions: fun to watch but nothing you want to be known for.

    kari said...

    and that prank is amazing!