Monday, May 23, 2005

Good enough

I wish I could see this stuff live...

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Curly said...

Unfortunately it wasn't good enough. I watched it on S4C (millions times better commentary than sky). I'm a bit angry to be honest - and I'm sick of Wilkinson getting the praise/attention from the media - he kicked the ball away too much and missed touch on more than 3 occasions (not hard). Did set up a try for Ollie Smith though.

Have I just shot myself in the foot by talking about him? Yes.

Best players from that game -
Michael Owen, Denis Hickie, Geordan Murphy, Shane Williams, Ollie Smith, Martin Corry.

Okay players.
Lewis Moody, Gareth Cooper, Wilkinson, Shane Horgan, Julian White.

Won't mention the rest!

Rant over - bring on NZ!