Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Letourneau gives the bastards what for

  • As mentioned in the previous two posts (and several more before that), my wife and I traveled to Fargo over the weekend. You will be happy to know, I'm sure, that it looks almost exactly the same as when I left seven years ago. The only real changes I saw were in the respective downtowns of Fargo and Moorhead.
    A number of buildings have been razed along Broadway in Fargo, leaving gaping holes in the landscape, and the road has been given a number of multicolored intersections. It has a sort of "Pavement by Disney" feel. Esther, your old compound remains and Letourneau still sits atop the north tower, manning the guns. I shouted to him as our marathon procession made its way past the compound* and he fired off a celebratory volley from his beloved Vickers machine gun. Several out-of-towners were badly injured.
    Downtown Moorhead, having scrapped Kirby's and soon to rid itself of Ralph's, is following the trend of every suburb in the Twin Cities and slapping up urban-style apartment-condo things. Future residents will be within walking distance of KFC, Dairy Queen, and Atomic Coffee. Hell, that sounds so appealing I may establish a second residence there.

  • It looks as if the American version of "The Office" will dodge the bullet.

  • If you were wondering whether the Catholic Church has lost its mind, the answer is yes. Yes it has: "Archbishop Harry Flynn has been ordered by the Vatican to refuse communion to any Catholic wearing a rainbow sash."

  • "Miller was trying to explain to the students that the holsters are so secure that no one could take an officer's gun. At that point, Miller told a student to try and take the gun out." You can kind of guess what happens next.

    *Because I have reason to believe that the stunningly beautiful Alia reads this blog, I should point out before she does that the procession did not, in fact, pass directly in front of the old compound. But Letourneau was still able to pick off plenty of stragglers from his vantage point.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    That's a fine column about rainbows. It's interesting that the Pope doesn't agree with himself.

    Thomas said...

    Have you watched the American version of "The Office", Chris?

    Chris Cope said...

    Yep, I have. My wife and i watched all of the first season's episodes. It was actually better than I would have thought.