Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Operation Save Wendy's Ass

  • That's just not right.

  • The guy who comes up with names for military operations earned his pay this week. Operation Matador is a cool name. Much better than that that lame old "Operation Long-Term Self-Determination With Occasional Interference By Massive Super Power" crap. Quick, leave good names for military operations in the comments.

  • Who cares if it's got a finger in it? It's free!

  • Circuit City is evil.

  • I have decided that if I become a famous author, I am going to dress in predominantly WWI-era styles.

  • For those that care (none of you, then) I am back to writing on my Welsh-language blog and currently planning a trip to Wales for October. More on that trip as all the details fall into place.

  • What idiot thought "Rainbow Cup" was a good name for a rugby competition?

  • Strange hip-hop lyric of the day: "(I will become) famous like Lenny Henry." Huh?

    Anonymous said...

    During my youth, I was part of a joint military operation that was dubbed PLACID MOOSE. That was back when computers picked the names, instead of PR guys. Anyway, the guys that did the actual work hated the whole thing, and so, yeah, you guessed it, the whole thing quickly became FLACCID MOOSE. There were even coffee cups and T-shirts, until someone threw a fit and we had to hide them away.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    Operation Operation: The storming of Walter Reed Hospital.

    Anonymous said...

    Operation Rave War Combo.

    Tekken has a lot to teach us about cool names.

    Astrid said...

    Strange hip-hop lyric of the day: "(I will become) famous like Lenny Henry." Huh? --> Yeah, well, sometimes, people use a funny way to say that they actually wanna stay anonymous!!!