Thursday, May 19, 2005

Shaggin' a smart chick

  • I forgot to mention Tuesday that my wife took part in graduation ceremonies Monday to officially acknowledge her earning a masters degree in public health nutrition. She graduated with an overall GPA of 3.9, a full three points higher than my GPA in my final semester at the erstwhile-named Moorhead State University. There's something to be said for not spending all of one's time drinking heavily and pining for lost loves, I suppose.
    It can, at times, be a bit hard on my ridiculously fragile ego to be married to a woman who is so much smarter than me, but the bonus is that she is trained to make me eat properly so I can suffer the humiliation for an even greater period of time.
    Me, age 74: "I feel great and I'm still dumb! Huzzah!"

  • Please help me in a discussion I am having with a co-worker. Do you find any problems with this?
    The way that I've phrased that makes it sound like my co-worker are arguing over something. That's not true. We are in total agreeance*. My question is, do other people see what we're seeing?

  • I'm a dork. this made me laugh.

  • I hate to offend any of the fine North Carolinians who read this blog (like Greg) but, uhm, y'all's state is messed up. Key excerpt: "... after the horrors of Nazi Germany's attempts to form a master race, most states cut back their eugenics programs. Instead, North Carolina's increased its programs, targeting mostly poor black women."

  • Of course, I'm one to talk. Minnesota has the Swastikadome.

  • I thought about this today in response to No. 47 from Dave's post today: The first movie I ever cried over was "Sands of Iwo Jima," starring John Wayne (described on IMDb as "The greatest U.S. propaganda movie ever made."). I was home sick with the flu and watched it on cable. The movie is old enough that I think I'm safe in giving away the ending -- John Wayne dies. After scrapping all the way to the top of some damn hill he takes a bullet to the chest in a much-deserved moment of peace.
    "I'm feelin' pretty good," he says.
    In my grumpy, feverish, high school mindset I decided that it was a metaphor for life.

  • Here's another tragic true story. When I was in seventh grade, Sarah McNearney and I went "steady" for approximately two weeks. After I proved myself utterly undeserving of such an honor, she broke up with me via a note delivered by a friend. I was crushed. The hurt took years to go away.
    What I'm trying to say is this: Daunte Culpepper, I know what you're going through, my brother.

    *Thank you, Fred Durst, for your contribution to the English language.

    Dave Morris said...

    The journalism is shoddy, a few of the pictures are inappropriate, the story was hard to follow. I've never seen a presentation of a story like this. What was it you were thinking?

    traceofblistex said...

    3.6 is still an amazing cumulative GPA!!
    You're just not AS smart, but still smart.... or just good at BS-ing your way through organized education... or good at psychoanalyzing professors so you know exactly what they want. That way you get the grade without clouding your brain with all that useless knowledge that stays in it when you actually learn things. :)

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    So, how does wife stand on the issue of Twinkies vs. M&Ms for breakfast?

    Accidental swastika has people with knots in their shorts? Egad. Gimme a break.

    Chris Cope said...

    Uhm, unfortunately Mandi, by three points I meant that my GPA was 0.90 -- earning me academic probation (it was just for that semester, not my cumulative GPA). It was a great time.

    And Dave, you hit it exactly -- the story was hard to follow. You'll be happy to know that my co-worker and I kicked this issue "up the ladder (to speak in professional cliché)" and it was promptly ignored.

    Anonymous said...

    Congratulations to your wife on her degree! Here's a recipe for deep fried twinkies for when ya'll are feeling decadent. There's also a recipe for berry sauce for dipping. You should make some to celebrate. And have M&Ms for dessert.

    Thomas said...

    I saw Fred Durst at the Hard Rock Cafe in Houston one time. I didn't know who he was.

    Btw, Chris I feel a little insecure reading the blog of someone whose wife is so much smarter. It just reminds me how mediocre my current GPA is.

    I think I might just hop back into bed and eat ice cream all day because your wife's GPA makes me feel dumb.