Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Utah: intelligent and beautiful

  • Mental note: an English muffin is not breakfast. I was hungry all day.

  • Man, I wonder where I can find some Jell-O pudding pops? Oh, hey. That's handy.

  • You know, there is something deeply flawed with your conservative ideology when America's theocracy thinks it's rubbish. I married a Mormon, which means that I am related to about half the state, and I assure you that residents of the Beehive State don't break step with the president flippantly. This is the same state that asked Congress to withdraw from the United Nations. Unfortunately for the president, however, Utahans want their kids to be, you know, properly educated. Stupid crappy LDS church and its emphasis on learning.

  • Speaking of Utah, dude, that's sorta creepy.

    Greg said...

    I think I know Scott Niven (the pushpop guy).

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    Just what Miss Smart needs: An invitation to be stalked.