Friday, June 17, 2005

America needs you, Gary Condit

Remember the phrase "Sept. 10?" As in, "Caring about Britney Spears' boob job was so Sept. 10." It was used in reference to some trivial bit of information that seemed important before 9-11. Do you remember this? I do.

I remember, also, that all of us -- the Global Media Conspiracy and the collective buyers of the conspiracy -- promised one another that we would stop paying so much attention to stupid, inconsequential non-news items.

"From now on," we said, raising our chin for dramatic effect, "we will only pay attention to that which really matters."

Even as The Rock was raising his fist in solidarity with all that is American and pro-wrestling good, and as Toby Keith was writing songs that should be ironic but aren't, we were making a solemn vow to finally live up to our potential as journalists and citizens.

Now, finally we would get it right.

Yeah, well, we've gotten

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