Wednesday, June 22, 2005

At least he gets to shag Charlotte Church

  • Clive Woodward is an idiot. In defending putting Wilkinson at inside center he said he doesn't think "there is a lot of difference between 10 and 12." What?! What sport does he think he's managing? If you don't understand rugby, it's a bit like having a coach say there's not much difference between quarterback and receiver.
    I am a huge fan of Wilkinson -- considerably more so than anyone else I know -- but pulling Henson just to get Wilkinson some field time is bullshit. Anything less than two tries from Wilkinson should be considered a failure.

  • No Miss America pageant? What kind of evil is this? The terrorists have won.

  • Every once in a while I will find myself actually listening to the lyrics of some nauseating song that I hear every day and thinking: "Hey, that lyric is pretty good."
    That happened today when listening to that The Game/50 Cent song that contains the line: "No schoolbooks; they used that wood to build coffins."
    Although, it doesn't really change my opinion about the song. I find it hard to respect a rapper who uses the same pseudonym as a professional wrestler.

  • I love marketing stunts that go awry.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    Well of course the Miss America Pageant is a loser. Not one of the candidates was willing to wash a car in skimpy uniform, or be darkly filmed doing sex with what's his name. Sex sells; clean doesn't. Where's Bert Parks when you need him?

    Shawn D. Mickschl said...

    The popsicle story would have been even better if a swarm of bees decided to join the party.

    Chris Cope said...

    HA! You're right, Shawn.

    Dave Morris said...

    The Miss America pageant would be more successful if they showed more of the behind the scenes footage of the sissy slap fights and hot girl-on-girl "pajama parties" that take place at night during the competition.

    Astrid said...

    "No Miss America pageant? What kind of evil is this? The terrorists have won." --> I think they are waiting for me to come to the States.