Monday, June 27, 2005


  • If your best friend comes in from out of town, you should:
    A) Be an adult and retire early in the evening because you have to get up at 7 a.m. the next morning and bike to work.
    B) Hang out with him and a few other friends until 2 a.m. and drink a case of Warsteiner.
    Of course the answer is B.
    I am in dire need of a nap. Exhaustion is tugging at me like Lilliputian guy wires secured to my legs and lower back and shoulders. Taking a deep breath requires effort.
    Oh, and it was pissing down rain as I biked in this morning.

  • My wife tells me that our friend, Rachel Kossover, claims to read this blog on a regular basis. So, hello to you, Koss. I always find it somewhat odd to learn that someone I know is reading this thing. When someone tells me that they read my blog there is a part of me that wants to ask: "Why would you do that?"

  • Well, it's a good thing Sir Clive bumped Gavin Henson to give playing time to Jonny Wilkinson against New Zealand. Good if you're a New Zealand supporter.

  • Arse.

  • I have decided that I am no longer a fan of the Beastie Boys. Will Smith, on the other hand, continues to be a musical genius.

    Dave Morris said...

    In the story about Whiteley, his nickname was "twice nightly Whiteley." Of course my warped mind bent that into a sexual innuendo.

    Strange similarity, when I was with my first wife, my nickname was "sexual-fave-once-monthly Dave."

    Perhaps if you find yourself in a similar situation we could start calling you "pulls-it-out-only-to- piss Chris."

    traceofblistex said...

    Will Smith sucks dude. The Beastie Boys are bad ass!
    It is good to be with friends, but so hard when you make a regimen for yourself and usually stick to it, but break it every once in a while.
    I usually get sick and sluggish and need my brain shocked!

    Chris Cope said...

    I agree that the Beastie Boys are ass bad. I was kidding about Will Smith, though.