Thursday, June 16, 2005

He sounds Scottish

  • There are some really great crap TV programs on the air this summer. In addition to "Hit Me Baby One More Time"* there is also "Dancing with the Stars."
    Have you seen this show?
    Watching Evander Holyfield attempt to dance the jive was comedy gold. I am convinced that the entire program was conceived with the purpose of making John O'Hurley appear to be the most talented man in America.

  • Salty pooter?

  • Man, those Chinese are crazy/ignorant. I sure am glad I live in the United States, where we never come up with stupid ideas in response to social problems.

  • "She said she spends most of the day in bed and takes quite a bit of medicine." -- Sounds like a good weekend to me.

  • Quote of the week: "Oh, I put something on him, baby."

  • Crazy dancing bear gif.

    *My wife was convinced that Vernon Kay is Scottish. When I pointed out that he is, in fact, from Bolton, she asked: "Is that close to Scotland?"
    ME: "Well. In relative terms, yes. Bolton is closer to Scotland than, say, Madrid."
    HER: "OK. Because he sounds Scottish."

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    I don't know why sex offenders don't sex offend each other. That would solve a lot of problems, almost as many as if they were put in Mexican jails.

    Astrid said...

    Oh, I like the bear-gif, that could very well be me if I had M&Ms or Skittles for breakfast! Haha ...

    James said...

    Well, I suppose if they offended each other, it would be no better than masturbation....

    The bear made me giggle, but Badger is still the clear winner.

    --Oh, Chris, I'm sorry about the other day. Had I realized it was you, I would have yelled, "Let my monkeys go!" Um. Sorry.

    Jenny said...

    My boyfriend thinks Vernon's name is 'Verne', which I think that lends him a slightly regal air.