Wednesday, June 1, 2005

I demand a state mime!

  • What, I ask you, is wrong with a state mime? His/her mime would be uniquely Minnesotan. Instead of being trapped in a glass box, he would be trapped in an ice fishing shelter. He could roam Summit, near the Governor's Mansion, personifying people's attitudes toward the weather -- shivering or smiling, depending on conditions. He could roam Taste of Minnesota and similar gatherings rubbing his tummy and trying to steal corn from children. Think of the possibilities!

  • I wonder how Astrid voted (I would have voted no).

  • "...there are many Americans closer to the social democratic European view than that of their own government. Similarly, some Europeans are admirers of the dynamic nature of Anglo-American capitalism."
    I propose a voluntary person-for-person exchange.

  • Oooh, fun. Putt-putt

  • I think just about all of us were already aware of this: Love is similar to mental illness.

  • Yesterday I was telling my wife about the whole Deep Throat saga (I am often heartened by her total lack of interest in such things) and her first question was: "So, what's the crazy conservative spin on this?"
    Apparently the spin is this: "Yeah, well, the press is still dumb."

  • Facts from a news story that sound like a storyboard explanation of a scene in The Simpsons: "Police said the rider lost control of the bike and crashed in a cornfield. They said the bike then caught on fire."

  • I'm a bad person that I take a certain joy in hearing about expensive Southern California homes being destroyed.

  • Here's something that annoys me about Linus -- he often writes things I wish I had written. I may have to kill him and take all his ideas. Specifically what I am referring to is No. 9 on this list.

  • I also wish I had thought of this.

    Anonymous said...

    Re: Deep Throat, I liked how Gen. "I'm In Charge' Haig said that he always suspected it was Felt, and Liddy called the guy unAmerican for not presenting evidence to a grand jury.

    Those two are walking definitions of chutzpah.

    Linus said...

    Gosh Chris, thanks!

    I'm too flattered to be insincere.

    Linus: 1

    But at least I'm on the scoreboard.

    Dave Morris said...

    Re: the chicken story -

    Stressful to the animals? They normally walk around a shit-covered barnyard picking mites from their feathers and sniffing each others' buttholes.

    To be dressed in a vest and hat, and get to parade around a big open space with your buddies would be a welcome relief. Lord knows even a chicken needs a night out on the town.

    That is why I always vote against PETA.

    Astrid said...

    Oh, Chris, I am nearly not brave enough to reveal, but I did not vote at all. I have my reasons, BUT my mom and grandma both voted NO! Yes, I'll kiss them all over for you!

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    Principals and humane societies need to lighten up. That was a great chicken gag. Geesh...political correctness will be the death of me, if anything's going to get me.