Monday, June 6, 2005

Like a gazelle

When I was in high school, our band director, Dr. Benson, used to sarcastically command us to "run like a gazelle" when we were getting on and off the field during marching band practice. He knew, of course, that upward of 250 asthma-prone band kids are anything but gazelle-like.

According to Ilesha, who is now my go-to source for any and all information, a gazelle can run 43 mph. Ilesha fails to mention whether a gazelle can keep this up over 8 kilometers, nor whether it would be distracted by all the food vendors that were set up along the route, so it's impossible to make any sort of definitive statement on my gazelle-likeness in Sunday's Grand Old Day on the Go race. But I'm still pretty happy with how I ran.

I finished the race with a time of 37:15. That's a pace time of 7:30 -- the best I have ever run. My pace Sunday was 17 seconds faster than in my last 8K, and a full 52 seconds faster than I ran in the same race last year.

I came in 15th in my division, so there will be no awards to brag about, but as always, what really matters is that I outran my wife.

Rachel finished the race with a time of 43:31. That's a pace of 8:46 -- 13 seconds faster than last year.


Curly said...

That doesn't sound like such a bad result! I'm quite envious of the fact that you are so happy so run in public! I've yet to get past only running in the dark..!

TotallyHappened said...

That's a whole lot nicer than the "When I blow this whistle, I want to see every one of your asses on that field" that we got from our high school band director.

Dave Morris said...

running is not the friend of a middle aged not-great-shape guy. i'm not fat, but i still don't look real good running. Ew.

Lindsay Hansen said...

I'm amazed! I thought I remembered all of the off-color things that Doc said, but not this! You have seen his creepy Web site of band paraphernalia, right? If you haven't, google him. It will give you shivers.

Chris Cope said...

Lindsay, I have indeed seen that site. My only real observation is that I am really glad we did not wear goofy Australian-style hats.
Do you remember his phrases: "Tradition; crap," and his stressing the need to learn how to lose?

Curly and Dave, I assure you I don't look very good running, either. I don't look good doing anything -- face for radio and all that.