Wednesday, June 8, 2005

The sweet science of jazz

  • This fight would be more interesting if Tyson were going up against country music singer Martina McBride. Or pro bull rider Justin McBride. Or erstwhile "Tonight Show" bassist Christian McBride ("Ooh, McBride releases a devastating and complicated series of jazz stanza! And now Tyson retaliates by... eating McBride's foot. It's hardly innovative, but definitely effective. The pain has got to be distracting as McBride struggles with complicated time signatures.").

  • Who's in your top 5?

  • I think it would be funny to change the name of my blog to: "I Love Bunnies!!!"

  • Conversation that didn't actually occur as written, but should have:
    "Name a fairly well-known English mistake."
    "Andrew Lloyd Webber."

  • I'm not a Democrat, so perhaps that's the reason I am not tired of Howard Dean. He makes me smile. Of course, I always like the crazy people (and that's what he is, right? Crazy? There's no truth to what he's saying, is there?). I like Jesse Ventura. I want Kinky Friedman to become governor in Texas. I have always been a fan of Andrew Jackson*. Some day The Rock will run for president and I will vote for him.

  • I like two things about this story: 1) The headline conveys a sense of weariness and disinterest on the writer's part; 2) This quote: "Right now I'm really disappointed, so I'm gonna go cry."

  • Groovy. Cold War relics.

  • Hey, spot the dummy: "Tony Rabadi is one of thousands of people who've been injured by a pressure washer. After cleaning the patio last year, he forgot for a moment that he wasn't using a regular hose and went to rinse his feet."
    Guess what happened to him.

  • I wish I had thought of this.

    *Jackson was the target of an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Jan. 30, 1835, when Richard Lawrence fired a pistol at point-blank range. The pistol misfired and Lawrence tried again with another pistol. It too misfired. Weary of this nonsense, Jackson proceeded to beat the man with his cane.

    Thomas said...

    It is nice to see Howard Dean let his hair down. Oh to not to have to worry about acting "presidential."

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    1. I would have to walk across the street to AVOID Bill Clinton; across many streets to avoid Hillary.

    2. I think Pressure Washer Accuracy should be an Olympic Sport. At $90, poor people could play.

    Dave Morris said...

    Tyson is a frighteningly insane individual. It's hard to imagine a more troubled person.

    Power washers are sooo freakin' cool. My neighbor uses his to wash his car - I think someone should have told him not to use the RED tip for car washing. It took some of the finish off.

    Curly said...

    Top 5's? I think Sarah Peters now has a good chance if that's her real pic....!!

    Isn't it funny how you read a blog/talk to someone on the phone and they almost never look like you imagined they would. I wonder why our heads can't get it right?

    Curly said...

    oldhorsetrailtsnake - I predicted during the elections that Bush would be re-elected but Hilary would oust him next time round, it'll be tough to avoid her then!

    lfc said...

    you should totally change your blog name to 'i love bunnies'. it might scare some people away, but i'd still visit.

    Dave Morris said...

    Oddly enough, I had a bunny in my pool filter this morning. It wasn't in there long enough to make a 20,000 gallon vat of hossenfeffer or anything, but I was thinking about naming my blog "I love bunny soup."

    Sorry Sarah. Only kidding!

    lfc said...

    big fat grody.

    Bryan Peters said...

    speaking of dead bunnies...