Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Wait! I Can Explain

Yes indeedy, my latest column is out, complete with a veiled apology to Talisyn Flagg. Feel free to forward it along to all your friends, family and jilted lovers.


Dave Morris said...

Oh so relatable. There must be special training for wait staff on how to react when that happens. The condecending pucker of the face, the quiet "do you have a different card I can use?" Then a quick glance around, to show you they are sensitive to your plight and to feign a look of hope that nobody heard them.

Do you think they were schooled in this? Because most of them do the same thing.

When this happens to me, it's ALWAYS because I am out of money. My bank is too stupid to worry about fraud.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I'd like to explain why I try to be funny in my comments but the closest thing I've ever gotten to a laugh was an arched eyebrow.

But there is no explaining it. My humor card has probably expired.

Astrid said...

Yay! Gonna print it and safe it for breakfast once again! I hope I won't spill my coffee over it, but if I do, you can have my crossaint, deal?

Astrid said...

Breakfast is over and I finished your column! I didn't need my coffee to keep me awake! Haha .. again, I like it A LOT! I bet with everything said out loud or written for everyone to read, you and your clear mind, slept like a cute little baby, huh? And now its like a hundred years later?

Chris Cope said...

My column is part of Astrid's complete nutritious breakfast! I'm glad you liked it, Astrid.