Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Big in Belgium

  • My interview on Radio Cymru aired Wednesday. Unfortunately, I didn't hear it because I was asleep, and you can't hear it because their radio player is all messed up. The interview will air again Sunday (at 7 a.m. CST), and I am being sent a copy of the program, but I'm not able to direct any of you, my beloved readers, to the Radio Cymru site to listen to it.
    Ever have one of those days when one tiny little thing sparks your being a pissy bastard for the rest of the day? Finding out that the radio player wasn't set properly put me in that mood. Which was stupid, because as a result of said unheard interview, something good happened. I am going to be featured in a magazine soon.
    Clywch Clywch ("Hear Hear") is the radio magazine for Radio Cymru and they're doing a small feature on me for their next issue, which should be out in time for Eisteddfod (it's a bit like an arts-focused state fair).

  • Oh, Camilla. You're winning friends in Wales with quotes like this: "This is the village where it happens although I can't pronounce it."

  • Here's the thing I always wonder when they scrub a shuttle launch because of something like a faulty fuel sensor: Why didn't they check on this yesterday?
    I mean, hell, man, if you're going to space, maybe you should warm up the shuttle the day before rather than finding this stuff out on the launch pad. It's a bit like failing to check out the car before taking a trip: "Oops. Sorry, kids -- vacation's scrapped. I forgot to change the oil. Oh well, Disney World isn't all that great."

  • If TV stations had station-branded space shuttles:
    "Let's turn now to Your Local 12's Eye In The Cosmos, with Captain Mike. So, what's the traffic like for Local 12 viewers' commute home*?"
    "No, clue, John. I'm several miles above the Earth's surface. I can tell you there's a rather large weather system moving across Asia."

  • I have been wanting to write about work as of late. I shouldn't, obviously, because that's a really great way to get oneself fired. I mention this only as explanation for the fact that my posts have been shorter than usual (for which you are no doubt grateful)

    *TV stations actually report shit like this, ignoring the fact that almost no one is watching the news at work.

    Curly said...

    Yeah, Camilla is sure doing a good job so far. She's not been appointed as the Princess of Wales though, perhaps that's her reasoning for being less than sensitive!!

    The whole space shuttle is a bit worrying eh? Bits falling off and the fuel gauge not working? My car had both of those and wasn't even considered safe to drive on the roads!!!

    The Russians have been using half-arse space technology for years and they're doing okay it seems.

    Chris Cope said...

    Yes, but I'll bet pretty large sums of money she can't pronounce any Cornish, either. I'd love to hear her try, though.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    I was always amused by the TV stations who wanted to be "first with the news."

    "I know," the news director said, "let's put our show on at 5 when nobody's watching..."

    Dave Morris said...

    The shuttle is now like a 75 Vega. Things are falling off of it and the fuel gauge doesn't work. Didn't they also have really badly made aluminum-block engines that cracked when the temp got below 30 fahrenheit?

    Chris Cope said...

    That scene from "Airplane 2" in which the shuttle gets a jumpstart from some guy's car isn't all that far off, it would seem. The shuttle probably also only has one good windshield wiper and one of the captain's chief responsibilities is wiping the steam off the windows with her sleeve because the defrost broke ages ago.

    Cheekysquirrel said...

    I bet you any sum of money that Camilla was told by her media team "You are a fan of Little Britain, You will visit one of the places mentioned in the show" and she went along with it. Its pure spin doctoring.

    Any true fan knows how to pronouce Llandewi Brefi whether they speak welsh or not just as fans of Mary Popins know how to pronounce supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.