Saturday, July 30, 2005

Damn, I always end up with backboard guy

  • This morning, as the London raids were taking place, MSNBC (my favorite cable news channel to hate) showed the same two or three minutes of video over and over and over again of a group of fellows dressed in all black, wearing helmets and gas masks, and armed to the teeth, gearing up around a blue BMW SUV.
    Sky News referred to them as SAS men, which is rather presumptuous. I doubt very much that SAS men go around announcing themselves as such (unless they are in the pub and trying to pull). But it probably helps recruiting to give off the image that joining special forces means driving around in luxury SUVs.
    What amused me about the video was the guy carrying the large shield that looks as if it could double as a backboard. That inevitably means that dude has to go in first, which makes him thoroughly wickass, but in action figure terms it's not very sexy, is it? What kind of accessory is a shield/backboard? He's like the green army guy that held a radio.

  • I have decided that I am going to be ridiculously Vikings aware this season. This blog will help me get that way, I'm sure.

  • For those who enjoy being creeped out by the powers of the U.S. government: Congress is working on changing time.

  • This shirt would have been funnier a week ago.

  • Wow. Statistics don't lie.
    I found that on Greg's virtual link-a-rama. He linked to this story Thursday, which makes me want to maim people.

  • Does anyone eat at Taco Bell anymore?

    lfc said...

    taco bell??? um YA!
    "nachos bellgrande, chicken soft taco, side of sour cream."

    Gooner Craig said...

    The London bombings hit my 2nd home. I usually stay in a small hotel south of Kings Cross Station in Argyll Square. If you spend enough time somewhere you get to know everyone. The lad at the fish shop, everyone at the 5-or-so pubs I frequent, the off-licence shop owners,even the postal workers.

    kari said...

    i eat at the taco bell sometimes b/c it's by my house, but the taco john's by my work kicks much arse.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    That's a great line: "It's not that going to school is too hard. The problem is it's not easy enough." Well duh.

    Dave Morris said...

    I'm seething over the "gold collar" story. Those who HAVE without earning it chap my ass.

    As for Taco Bell, yeah. OH yeah. 3 taco supremes, an order of nachos and side of guac.

    Gotta run to the drive thru now. Have a nice weekend.