Thursday, July 21, 2005

My name is Nigel Holt and I am great

  • My new favorite TV program is "So You Think You Can Dance?" This is utterly useless television at its finest.
    Last night's was the requisite throwaway auditions episode, but it contained my new role model, Nigel Holt. He was your basic break-dancer with a massive ego, but everything he said was spoken in a matter-of-fact way. Here's a Quicktime video of Nigel dancing.

  • I can't even be bothered to work up some gall over today's explosions in London. It was too half-assed for comment.
    Remember that Florida teenager who slammed a single prop plane into an unoccupied office building on a Saturday?
    No? My point exactly.

  • Of course, that doesn't stop Americans from spinning themselves into fits. What the hell is an "Orange Plus Alert?" It sounds like some sort of product sold on television:
    "New Orange Plus!! Now with added readiness!!"

  • Here's a reason to move to Iowa (possibly the only reason).

  • I need to become wealthy. Now that my wife has finished with her internship, there is a tiny lull until she starts work in September. In the interim, she is putting her amazing cooking skills to use and I have been the beneficiary of ridiculously good and creative meals. Tonight she is making something that involves Guinness. I don't know what it will be, but who cares? It has Guinness! It's being made by Rachel. You can't go wrong there.
    This is a good way to live, methinks. I need to become wealthy so my wife won't have to work. Then I can continue to eat better than celebrities. Of course, that would be a waste of Rachel's talent, for her to stay home all the time.

    Thomas said...

    I really hate terrorists. But I hate the "B-Team" terrorists even more. Blowing yourself up? Can't do a little bit better?

    Jenny said...

    Hey, it may have been half-assed, but we're still scared shitless.

    Someone left a bag at the table next to us in the pub and we quietly freaked out for about 25 seconds.

    That's actually quite a long time to freak out for.

    Curly said...

    Yeah, more bombs. Cue the media to speculate on what COULD have happened with minimal use of the word 'speculation' - no wonder people get scared sh*tless, they believe most of the crap that these reporters come out with.

    The Police Commisioner got it right "I'm not going to confirm or deny anything about the investigation. When we do decide to confirm anything, it will be the truth"

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    Orange Plus on the Red Line. Nobody cares about puce or burnt umber anymore...but they are really good colors.

    Curly said...

    I was working for the Crown Prosecution Service at the time of Sept 11th. Our security status was changed from Brown (or something) to Orange.

    The only thing that actually changed around the office was the Brown blob on the notice board was now Orange. No-one could find all the sticky letters to spell 'ORANGE' with either. Call that preperation for a terrorist attack?

    Dave Morris said...

    I was at McGurk's Irish Pub for lunch the other day, and the chef was behind the bar filling up a big container with Guinness. I asked him what it was for, and he responded "lamb shank."

    He cooks it in Guinness at 275 for 3 hours. Mouth watering yet?

    Astrid said...

    A recipe with Guinness in it sounds yummy. I wish your Blog would reveal the smell and taste too. I have a recipe with potato chips or crisps, just how you would like to call it, it is pretty good too, but I guess nothing can compeat to Rachel's Guinness recipe, huh? Be careful not to eat your fingers when you eat it!

    Anonymous said...

    "I'm Nigel Holt...know about it....know about it."