Monday, July 4, 2005

No better way

What could be more patriotic than celebrating Independence Day at an Irish pub? My wife and I went to The Liffey for lunch Monday, which made me a very happy boy.

The Liffey has a new outdoor seating area (relatively new -- it wasn't there in March) and it is fantastic. You're right in the heart of St. Paul and you get an unadulterated view of the cathedral.

While I was there, I had Rachel take a few pictures of me so that I can finally put up a new photo in my profile.

We took this one:

And this one:

I decided to go with the first one as my profile picture, although there's a strong argument for the second because the pint glass obscures part of my face. Both of these pictures are better than the ones I attempted to take the other day when I was sweaty hot and had foolishly chosen to push my hair back.

I am very sad that I am so self-conscious of my appearance. Perhaps this would make sense if I were a male model, like Gene, but I'm just some ugly bastard who really should come to terms with the fact that regardless of the lighting or angle or hairstyle or facial expression I will still not look good.

I took several sweaty-hot-hair-pushed-back pictures and they all turned out horribly:

  • Here I am attempting the bored look.

  • Here I am attempting the jovial look.

  • In this picture I am blatantly stealing technique from Linus in taking a picture of myself with something in my mouth. This is actually a good technique, as it obscures part of my face (see picture with pint glass above). But I decided not to go with it because I'm pretty sure Linus would have sent his people after me.

  • This last picture is just wrong. You know those movies in which the lecherous, abusive and drunken uncle chases after the young heroine and usually ends up getting himself rightfully killed on the English moors? That's what I look like in this picture. I have no idea what the hell went wrong with there but it's just downright scary: "Come here, Eliza. Bring your uncle Chris a bottle of gin. I said, gin, dammit! Not whiskey. You need to be taught a lesson..."

    Cymreig said...

    Great mutton chops Chris.

    Dave Morris said...

    A good photo gallery going there, I especially enjoyed the "oily rag" shot. All my garage rags look like the one you had in your mouth, only cleaner. I don't get much done in the garage these days.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    I don't know.... Somehow, I had you pictured differently. Like, I thought you would appear to be, I guess is what I was searching for.

    Well, anyway, condolences to Mrs. Cope.

    Curly said...

    So, that's a 100% record for having a beer in your profile photo! Does is distract peoples attention away from you?!

    I like the Independence Day celebreations in an Irish bar, very funny! You seem to have that same sense of humour as me, I often make a point of buying a McDonalds and then proceed to eat it in Burger King...

    Esther Wilberforce-Packard said...

    As someone once said (and repeated ad nauseum, I believe), "Chris, you just don't think." Revisit the photos of Bored Chris, Jovial Chris, Stuffed-Mouth Chris, and my personal favorite, Dissolute James the Frightful Cain-Raising Highwayman: all are preferable to Sit-On-Roof Chris. Sit-On-Roof Chris doesn't think; Dissolute James (the Frightful Cain-Raising Highwayman) does not have to think, as he is a man of rash action and darkest vice. I suggest you place Dissolute James on your profile immediately.

    Willow said...

    Oh, Bored Chris is the best. You look a bit like Chris Martin in that one. Better than him, in fact, because you are far less annoying than him.

    Astrid said...

    Chris, I seriously wonder whether your mirror told you the truth yesterday when you proposed it the following question:

    "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, do I look good today or should I give up at all?"

    For despite what your mirror told you yesterday, I think you do look very cute on your pics and I think your Rachel did an awesome job in bringing out the best of you!!!

    Astrid said...

    And what makes the orange cloth so appetizing, was it drenched in Baileys?