Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Oh look, cute kids in a boat

  • With the 2012 Olympics secured I think we need to start thinking about the opening ceremony extravaganza.
    Based on previous opening ceremonies, it would seem that a cute child or two are basic requirements. I'm pretty sure they'll be in a boat at some point, to celebrate Britain's nautical history, and most likely one of them will need to be of Indian descent (India the country, not American Indian -- that wouldn't make sense). I'm picturing a boy and a girl, and the girl would wear traditional Scottish dress because that would be really cute.
    Another opening ceremony requirement is multi-culturalism. Obviously individuals of Asian (i.e., South East Asian) descent will play a big role, but I'm thinking the ancient and native cultures/languages of Britain should also be featured. My new goal is to get myself into the opening ceremony on the basis of my speaking Welsh.
    Also, I think that as each country's delegation comes into the stadium, a little sound should indicate those countries with which Britain has engaged in some sort of military conflict. It would have to be a pleasant sound, of course, because you would hear it a lot.
    Can you think of other things that should be featured in London's opening ceremony?

  • Hey wow, if you want to listen to a dude self-destruct in front of a worldwide audience, listen to Josh Homme yammer on Zane Lowe's Wednesday show.

  • Speaking of making a fool of oneself on the radio, it looks as if my interview with Beti George will be broadcast some time around 12:15 p.m. BST next Wednesday on Radio Cymru. That's 6:15 a.m. for me, so I'm hoping that it will be put on the Radio Player, so I can listen to it later.

  • The first headline writer who refers to this storm as "Dennis the Menace" gets kicked right in the Norm Coleman.

  • Every time there is a shark attack story, there is some bonehead there to say something like, "They're more afraid us than you are of them."
    Bollocks. When something scares me, I run away. I don't attack it and attempt to eat it.

  • You know, I'm certainly a fan of the ladies -- but not so much that I'm willing to hang out at the bottom of an outhouse to see them.
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    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    Understatement of several years, by Florida Emergency Management Director: "...we have a hurricane problem."

    I was so tickled to see the Brits kayo the Frogs. Let 'em eat Beef Wellington.