Friday, July 15, 2005

Thank God you're OK, Captain Lucky

  • Suckiest day I've had in a long while at the headquarters of my benevolent employer was today (check out my rockin' Welsh sentence structure). I can't say I much feel like bloggin'.

  • Is it just me, or does all opera sung in English sound dumb?

  • A nation once gripped in fear and anxiety can rest again -- Captain Lucky is safe.

  • There's something very evil about this (takes about a minute to load).

  • "Event organizers... said they want to have a robot team that can beat the World Cup champs by 2050." -- You could probably beat them now if you mounted guns to the robots' heads.

  • OK, so he drove his golf cart into a creek to retrieve a ball? Dumb. Ass.

  • George Applin is the happiest criminal in all of Ohio.

  • Goddamned gentrification.

    Dave Morris said...

    I suppose at age 89, golf-dude should be happy to be walking, much less golfing. Now, with the broken leg, he'll be doing neither.

    Cheryl said...

    Arrgh, that guiness tap thing is a work of the devil! Evil isnt even the word.
    At least with a long, slow draw, you talk while you anticipate, but this 'splop, done, gone' ;eaves you on your own, staring at a full glass for five minutes while the bubbles surface and it becomes (did you see?) a lot less that a full glass.
    The wait is sadistic torture even when its only a picture.
    You've upset me!

    Cheryl said...

    ;eaves, leaves, tut.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    I thought it went: "all opera sounds dumb..."

    Astrid said...

    I can't believe Captain Lucky suffered from "a broken nose and a crack on his forehead." I wonder how and whether this will affect the luck of the inhabitants of Buckeye Lake, Ohio. I am keeping a close eye on their latest news-reports!!!

    Astrid said...

    Maybe George Applin steals people's happiness as a side-job as well?

    Thomas said...

    Astrid, I thought I had "called" this blog.

    Astrid said...

    Yes, Thomas, wherever you go, I will go too. I fear that otherwise people will consider me to be "uncool" and that is like my biggest fear!!!

    Thomas said...

    Fine, Astrid. I will allow you to visit here occasionally.