Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Whiny baby me

  • I'm suffering my second day of an unstoppable torrent of electric pain that may or may not be a migraine headache. I have only had one other massive headache like this in my life and I have always attributed that one to the stressors that caused me to walk out of my place of employment the day after said headache occurred.
    There are certain stressors weighing heavy on my shoulders these days, but not of the same sort, nor do I expect to be leaving the happy service of my benevolent employer any time soon (unless they find that dead hooker behind the soda machine). Nonetheless, this headache is increasingly difficult to ignore and I blame it for my poor blogging today*.
    Yes, I know. I'm being a pansy. At least I didn't almost kill myself attempting to mop the floor.

  • Jihad Amir Ramadan. With a name like that I'll bet he'd have a ball trying to get through airport security.

  • I always get nervous when good things come from evil people, so I'm not sure what to think about this.

  • How cool is it that there is a White House scandal involving a guy named Scooter?

  • I'm flying to London via Northwest. That's discomforting.

    *Tomorrow I will need to think up a different excuse for my poor blogging. And another one for the day after that; and the day after that; and the day after that...

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    A "guy" named Scooter. I didn't know "Libby" was a guy's name. Live and learn.

    When you're flying Northwest and they strike as you're halfway across the pond, do you get the option about whether to go forward or backward, or just stop where you are?

    Thomas said...

    Do you think if "Scooter" dropped his nickname and went by his given name from now on that this would throw the press off his scent, Chris?

    Dave Morris said...

    I never make excuses for poor columns. People who visit my blog just expect it. If you never post good stuff, nobody expects it.

    Chris Cope said...

    I'm sure that it would upset the press if Scooter were to drop his nickname.

    Anonymous said...

    it could be a tension headache. or a migraine.

    you can take something for it, you don't have to whine helplessly. but then it might go away and you would lose your excuse for lame blogs.

    Chris Cope said...

    In my defence, and contrary to my usual style, I did take something. It was completely ineffective. I've probably got some horrible incurable disease.